Safe-Green™, 1.0 ml (G108-G)

1.0 ml. (Dilution rate with sample 1:5 (dye : sample)).
To be added to your samples only. Forr the visualization of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

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With Safe dyes (Safe-GreenTM, Safe-RedTM and Safe-WhiteTM), you do not need to add any dyes to gel matrix or running buffers. SafeViewTM dyes are provided in a form of 6X sample loading dyes and they are to be added to your samples only. The SafeView dyes eliminate contamination risk of glassware or gel running tank as associated with EtBr. After the electrophoresis, view and document your results as you would do with EtBr staining protocols.

Convenient:  is provided as a 6X loading dye, and is mixed directly with samples before gel loading. Inert tracking dye is included to monitor gel progress.

Easy to Use: View and document your results as you would with EtBr staining. All dyes can be excited with UV light. In addition, Safe-Green™ can be excited with blue light. Maximum emission of Safe-Green™, Safe-Red™ and Safe-White™ are 525 nm, 630 nm and 470 nm respectively.

Safe: Non-carcinogenic.


                     Safe-Green™ Detect as little as 0.2 – 0.6 ng of DNA per gel band.

                     Safe-Red™ Detect as little as 0.3 – 0.8 ng of DNA per gel band

                     Safe-White™ Detect as little as 0.2 – 0.5 ng of DNA per gel band

Superior: EtBr is known to cause strand breaks and nicks in DNA. Using Safe-Green™ minimizes such damage, yielding higher transformation rates and lower mutation rates verses EtBr. For even better cloning results use Safe-Green™ with blue light excitation

 safe green white

Protocol 460194 pdf

1. Prepare a 100 ml agarose or polyacrylamide solution.

2. Mix gently without introducing any air bubbles.

3. For agarose gel, let the solution cool down to 60 - 70oC and cast the gel. For polyacrylamide gel, add APS and TEMED and cast the gel according to regular polyacrylamide gel casting protocol.

4. Mix samples and DNA marker with SafeViewTM dye at a 1:5 (dye : sample) dilution rate.

5. Following electrophoresis, view the results under UV.

Note: Safe-GreenTM can also be visible under blue LED light.

G108-GSafe-Green™ (1.0 ml)
G108-WSafe-White™ (1.0 ml)
G108-RSafe-Red™ (1.0 ml)
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