Centrifuge tube. 5mL. Sterile (C2520)

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200 units. Sterile. Snap-Cap or attached screw caps. Compatible with standard equipment. Dual graduations at every 0.2mL and 0.5mL Easy-open flip top Syringe port in cap Unsurpassed Clarity.

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MTC Bio’s new 5mL MacroTubes™ scale up the conveniences of standard 1.5mL tubes for larger volumes. These polypropylene tubes come with an attached cap that provides a tight, leak proof seal, and can also be opened (or closed) with one hand. The cap is designed to provide a secure seal from -86°C to +80°C.

They have the same diameter as standard 15mL tubes for compatibility with centrifuge rotors, etc. In many applications, they have replaced 15mL tubes, reducing plastic waste, storage space and shipping costs. Contamination of pipettor shafts can be eliminated becasue the tube length is short enough for standard 1mL and/or 5mL tips to reach the tube's conical bottom. 


MTC Bio’s new 5mL Five-O™ tubes take all of the conveniences of standard 15mL conical tubes and scales them down for space efficiency and decreased natural resource consumption. Useful from -86°C to 110°C, these tubes are a valuable resource for boiling and for sample preservation at very low temperatures. Choose from gamma sterilized racked packaging with attached caps or non-sterile bulk packaging with separate caps. The foam racks are similar to the packaging normally associated with 15mL tubes (upright with caps attached), but they require about 60% less storage space. This tubes are RNase, DNase & pyrogen free.


  • Compatible with standard equipment
  • Centrifuge at up to 25,000xg
  • Unsurpassed Clarity 
  • Dual graduations at every 0.2mL and 0.5mL